Colfax Community Network

an avenue of hope

Formed to reach the transient motel population along Colorado's roughest stretch of avenue, Colfax Community Network seeks to not only provide needed services, but create a deep sense of community. In poverty, isolation and despair are the greatest obstacles to transformation. At CCN, we come alongside children, parents, and individuals to recognize their value and offer tangible resources to encourage stability.


Who We Are

With our families on the move a lot, we aim to be a home away from homelessness.

The Kids

The negativity of poverty impacts them every day, but it's all smiles at CCN... Well, mostly.

The Outreach

We travel up and down Colfax Avenue to reach out to the motel community.

Get Involved

Giving time or resources isn't easy - we get it. That's why we appreciate it so much.



CCN Blog

"Trying to live, trying to learn" - A Denver Post Special Report

The Denver Post followed two CCN families for six months as they lived life on Colfax, in and out of motels. What they found is beautiful, staggering, and inspiring.




Parent Endorsements
  •  "Thanks a lot. I would be lost without CCN - :)" - CCN Parent
  • "We love CCN. It has been a big help for us emotionally and physically." - CCN Parent
Teacher Endorsements
  • "[She] is really coming along and I can’t thank you and CCN for all the help!" - Teacher, Kenton Elementary
  • "I wanted to touch base with you and let you know CCN makes a difference for both [students in my class]." - Teacher, Paris Elementary