When a community comes together for the benefit of one another, we start creating a different kind of world.


By donating, you did just that in both tangible and immeasurable ways here on Colfax. Parents at the end of their rope will not have to worry about their kids eating this evening. Individuals living on the street will receive with dignity and what they need on cold nights to survive. And the youngest members of our community will be safe and loved while getting the tutoring they need to reach their educational goals.


For the hundreds of clients that come through our doors every month, you made their worlds a bit brighter. On behalf of our clients and staff, thank you.


We encourage you to play a greater role in the lives of so many on Colfax.

  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share the kind of community your friends can join.
  • Come to one of our quarterly open houses.
  • Meet with us for a tour.
  • Volunteer on Motel Outreach or in the After School Program.
  • Sign up for our quarterly e-newsletter.

Thank you, again, and we hope to see you soon!


Megan Vizina – Executive Director