Our Story

While teaching violence prevention as an educator at Project PAVE in 1996, the founder of the Colfax Community Network, Maggie Tidwell, became aware of an “invisible” population of children and families living in the rundown motels lining Colfax Avenue. After several years of working with and learning more about these transient families, she came to believe that a multi-faceted, grassroots approach would best meet the needs of this hidden community. In 1999, a board of directors was convened, the mission was defined, bylaws were adopted and 501©(3) status was attained. The first of Colfax Community Network’s programs also began – monthly “family nights” and an after school program for elementary children.

Our Mission

At CCN, we see everyday that children who grow up in poverty face tremendous odds. Long before they’ve made one decision on their own, they are surrounded by all kinds of negativity – hunger, neglect, harassment, abuse, crime, and addiction. We believe that without the intervention of a concerned and hopeful community, these children and their families are likely to stay trapped in a cycle of poverty. We believe a changed life can start with even one individual taking notice and then acting.


Mission Statement: It is the mission of Colfax Community Network (CCN) to advocate for and work on behalf of families and children residing in low-income transient housing (primarily residential motels) along Colfax Avenue. By providing information, services, and programs, we strengthen and improve family and community life.

Our Approach

First, we look to satisfy physical necessities and lighten emotional and financial burdens. This includes providing food, clothing, hygiene products, diapers, etc. Second, we look towards a family’s long-term stability. We connect families to resources assisting with housing, parenting classes, education, or career development. And finally, we spend most of our energy investing in the youth of this community. We show them possibility and give them opportunity to learn and lead. They are surrounded by staff and volunteers who believe in their power to not only succeed personally in the future, but also to start transforming their lives and communities right away.

Our Finances

The work we do is an extension of the heart of the community and we want you to be well-informed:

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