The Outreach

  • CCN travels to the motels along East and West Colfax weekly to meet the immediate needs of the residents with food, clothing, and hygiene items.
  • Partnering with nurses and nursing students, CCN provides flu shots and basic well-care.
  • Outreach allows CCN to maintain an awareness in an ever-changing population.

The History of Colfax Motels

  • Once part of the glory of this gateway avenue to the Rocky Mountains, these motels lodged the rich and famous in the early half of the 20th century.
  • Beginning in the 60s, however, with the construction of I-70, Colfax became a declining stretch with increasing crime and prostitution – much of which operated out of the motels.
  • Over time, motels became an alternative to families and individuals from living on the street when they lacked the finances for a deposit or the credit record necessary for an apartment. With crime still strongly present, it has created a highly negative environment for kids.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Staff goes on outreach at least once a week for a couple hours in the afternoon. If you are interested in partnering with CCN in its outreach to the motels, please call us at 303.360.9175 for exact times and dates you could participate.