The Party

  • Each Christmas season, 300 kids and 100 parents come to CCN to shop for presents, eat good food, enjoy live music, and meet a bushy bearded Santa.
  • Each parent gets to shop for one present for each of their children, wrap it, and take it home for Christmas. Children work as a team to find presents for their mother and/or father and work with volunteers to wrap them and take them home to give.

The Reason

  • For many, the holidays are a time for food, fun, and family – a deep sense of home. But as one CCN parent told us, a poor family’s experience during the season can leave kids feeling alone and unloved: “I thought Santa hated me when I was a kid… he never left us any presents… not even coal.” The Christmas Party shows the kids in Aurora that their community loves them – enough to not only show up, but also give them more than a cold rock.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Santa’s Elves: We need volunteers to come help setup, sign-in, cook, work with kids and parents to find and wrap gifts, and clean up to make this event possible for these families.
  • Fill Santa’s Bag: To offer these children and their parents the joy of opening presents on Christmas, we depend on individuals, churches, and corporations to donate hundreds of toys, clothes, and adult items.
  • Please contact us at 303.360.9175 if you’re interested in helping us this year.