While this program is currently on hold, we remain committed to our youngest Colfax kids. If you would like to be involved in making sure this program is funded and staffed, please contact us at PCE@ColfaxCommunityNetwork.org.

The Program

  • CCN partners with nursing students and other professionals to help parents practice good nutrition, positive discipline strategies, early reading, and more.
  • Preschool-age children enjoy time to begin developing basic literacy and numeracy, large and fine motor skills, and socialization.


  • Our parents come from a variety of backgrounds. In this program, parents have relayed developing their first positive relationships with members of other races.
  • Parents have reported going to each other for help outside the program. They’ve confided in each other, shared resources, passed down baby clothes, created play-dates, and even visited each other during crises.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Parent Education: Empower parents with the tools to be better parents. Come along side as they learn – as we’ve all had to learn – how to raise children in difficult circumstances and a tough community.
  • Preschool Education: Work with the youngest population along Colfax Avenue. Most low-income children enter kindergarten already behind. These kids need to the one-on-one attention early.