Creative Ideas

We are overwhelmed by the creativity and generosity of our volunteers and donors. These are ideas you all have brought to us to help CCN. Some have been a blessing, and others have transformed programs – you never know how much a little idea can impact hundreds of lives. We certainly don’t expect this, but want to spread creative philanthropy through the network.

Spread the Word

  • Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and sign up for our monthly e-newsletter. Invite your friends to like us. Share what inspires you. We’re not interested in boring anyone with the same-old same-old. You’ll get a real look into the lives of families and the work we do every day.

Birthday Party/Wedding Gifts

  • Selfless children and humble adults have organized their friends and family to give not to the host, but to CCN. On days when the attention is meant to be on one or two special people, they have shed light on those usually left unnoticed and uncelebrated on the margins.

Food and Hygiene Supply Drive

  • Schools, churches, and individuals have spread the word about CCN and asked their friends, colleagues, and families to contribute.

Lead a Field Trip

  • Maybe you have a group of high school student leaders or your company wants to give back to the community. In the past, these kinds of groups have taken us bowling, to JumpStreet, hiking, fishing, and touring of science facilities.

 Mentor One of Our Students

  • If you can’t make the after school program, but want to make a deep impact over the long haul, let us know and we’ll connect you with mentoring agencies to work with one of our students.

Media (photography – video – news)

  • Not many people know the poverty that exists here in Original Aurora. Sometimes we get journalists or artists that want to tell the stories of our families and their stuggles. They’ve created news articles, short documentaries, and coffee table books. You could, too.


  • Restaurants have given our kids their first sit-down dining experience. Other’s have welcomed us to eat during field trips. Some businesses want to find a way to donate part of a day’s proceeds. It’s a great way to help CCN build awareness, and hey, it’s great PR for you.

Thank You!