As I hope you’ve heard, we’ve made some changes to the Food Pantry – both in model and the donations we’re asking for. But there’s an important update! The Arc Thrift Stores has partnered with us to enable some of our families to shop there for FREE!


arcHere’s how it works:


We are asking all our former or future donors of clothing to send your donations to your closest Arc Thrift Store instead of CCN. In return, they’re going to send us several hundred dollars in clothing vouchers each quarter that we can provide to families who’s children might not have proper school uniforms or clean clothes or any possessions whatsoever.


You don’t have to do anything above the norm. Just drop off your donations at The Arc Thrift Store. We appreciate your willingness to support CCN families in this way!


If you have any questions, please check out our previous post about the changes in the Food Pantry.


Thank you!!!