Changes are hard for everyone, but this is going to be good. Over the next month, we’re freeing up staff and no longer duplicating services. Here are the details:


outreach-8790First, as you might have noticed, it’s no longer being called the Food & Clothing Bank. That’s because we’re removing the clothing part.


So, we will no longer accept most clothing donations, but we will still very happily accept the following:

  • New socks and underwear (adult and child)
  • New winter coats, hats, and gloves (adult and child)
  • New shoes (adult and child)


This change begins today, October 1st. If you have recently dropped off clothing, we’ve done our best the past few weeks to utilize it for clients where we can and pass along extras to other agencies in our neighborhood.


Second, beginning November 1st, we’re embracing an emergency model. Rather than opening weekly for families to shop our supplies, the Food Bank will be a supplemental part of CCN’s Emergency Walk-In Services. Under this model, families facing a crisis or coming in to take steps with Outreach staff towards stability will be able to access our supply as staff assesses their need.


We will still need and gratefully accept any food and hygiene product donations.


The reason for these changes is two-fold.


First, other churches and agencies in the area have recently expanded their food and clothing supports – one of which is only three blocks from CCN and is open 24 hours each week compared to our 2 hours a week. It’s an inefficient use of resources to do the same things our partners do. This will open us up to invest our expertise where it’s needed most. With that extra time and energy, Outreach staff can work with families one-on-one more often and turn our focus from sorting donations to finding housing, employment, health care, and connecting families to other community programs.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact or