Every year, all year long, our students talk about this trip – the end-of-summer Camping Trip. Younger siblings anticipate the day they’ll be old enough to join. Older students make plans to bunk together in tents and tell volunteers stories from their adventures.


It is the highlight of the year.


This year, 12 students came with staff and volunteers to experience the liberating mountain air, learn about their world, and come together as a team – sometimes more successfully than others. For some students, it would be there last CCN experience before moving on to middle school.


The entire trip almost didn’t happen. Kelley Birschbach was set to lead the trip, but broke his collarbone two days before we were set to leave. Not wanting to miss out, he tried to figure out how he’d survive four days living in a tent, but it just wasn’t going to happen. Megan came together with CYL and found a way to put it all together so the students wouldn’t have to forgo the week.


On the last morning, there were lots of tired bodies and some heavy hearts as they said goodbye to their last CCN adventure. Kelley came back up for the morning and had lunch with the kids at Beau Joe’s.