Thankfully, there are a lot of great people who decide to donate to CCN. But 99% of them have at least this one thing in common: they’ve completed middle school.


Xander Pacini just turned 12. So naturally, he stood out a little bit.


But when his mother told us where the boxes of school supplies she brought to CCN a couple weeks ago came from, he stood out even more.


For his 12th birthday, Xander invited his friends over to celebrate. But instead of asking for toys or clothes or cash for himself, he asked all his friends to please bring school supplies for Colfax Community Network.




We were curious why a 12-year-old boy would do such a thing, so we gave him a call.


“Well, I decided that I kind of have enough stuff. I have enough presents. And I don’t need much more.”


Xander’s mother, Paula, said this isn’t a one-time thing for Xander. In the past he and his father have made deals where if Xander donates to a charity, his father matched it.


“I like helping charity,” Xander said. “I just wanted to help a charity in Colorado that was close to me.”


We were pretty blown away by what Xander did and despite my attempts to praise him, he responded with a lot of modesty.


“I didn’t know it’d be a big deal, I just wanted this to be like, something helpful, and a little bit of a sacrifice for the kids that don’t have any [supplies]… I hope they get better grades than they would before because now they have new supplies.”


Xander wasn’t sure what his friends thought, but Paula felt confident it might push other parents to think about how their kids might give back to the community.


“A couple of parents came up to me and said, ‘This is really cool. We think this is a great idea.’ So I do think it will start kind of a pay-it-forward movement, which is pretty cool.”


Xander, we so appreciate your decision. Not just because it went to benefit CCN, but because it’s actions like that that make the world a better place.